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1. Though The Servers May Fall

Though The Mountains May Fall, Dan Schutte.

2. I Could Open My Source Forever

I Could Sing Of Your Love Forever, Martin Smith.

3. Everlasting Strife

Psalm 118(119); tune by either Marty Haugen or David Haas.

4. Es ist das Filter kommen her

Es ist das Heil uns kommen her, Paul Speratus; anonymous German tune, 15th Century.

5. We Are His Minions

We Are His People, Jan Michael Joncas.

6. All The Ends Of Your Base

Psalm 97(98); tune by Marty Haugen and David Haas.

7. Awesome Squad

Awesome God, Rich Mullins.

This composition describes a battle in either the Warhammer 40,000 wargame, or the related computer real-time strategy simulation Dawn Of War.

8. A solis ortus cardine

Paean Alphabeticus de Christo, Caelius Sedulius. Tune is third-mode plainchant, ca. 5th Century, or Christum wir sollen loben schon, Martin Luther.

Much of the computer-related vocabulary was taken from this delightful list. Certain modifications were made.

Translation of stanza 3: Why, impious spammer, spewest thou / Thy filth to stain my inbox now? / Viagra I wish not to buy, / Nor watches fake, however fly!

  • Stanza 1, line 3: A third-declension noun hacer, hacris is posited for English hacker.
  • Stanza 2: The image of the mouth of the Ethernet switch open in the middle of the data center is derived from the introit In medio ecclesiae.
  • Stanza 2, line 2: It was difficult to decide whether aethernet should be undeclined or third-declension; for meter's sake I kept it undeclined.
  • Stanza 2, line 4: The proposed second-declension noun bitus, biti did not sit as well with me as a third-declension bit, bitis.
  • Stanza 3, line 1: A first-conjugation verb spamare, to spam, is posited, with noun of agency spamator.
  • Stanza 3, line 3: Viagra makes a fine first-declension noun unmodified.
  • Stanza 4, line 1: Fortunatus' hymn O gloriosa Domina provided some inspiration for the opening line
  • Stanza 4, line 2: Linux, Linicis is posited on the basis of Unix, Unicis as given in the aforementioned vocabulary list.
  • Stanza 4, line 4: It was perhaps ungracious of me to transpose the name of the Evil Empire's capital city into my favorite declension, the third, but it sounds right.
  • Stanza 5, line 1: Many sources give virus, viri as a second-declension neuter in the otherwise masculine -us group. The problem, of course, is that all forms of this noun except the nominative singular collide with vir, viri. A transplant is thus effected, and virus becomes fourth-declension.